Episode 59

S07E03: Battle For Terra


April 13th, 2023

22 mins 7 secs

Season 7

Your Hosts

About this Episode

We understand why Dennis Quaid wanted to do 2007's Battle For Terra; it's unclear why BFT wanted him. The star-studded, labored comment on corruption and colonization -- you know, for kids! -- doesn't maximize Quaid's talents (or screentime), and while it's better than a lot of animated kiddie content, neither of us is planning to watch a bunch of retro-3D'd sperm with forehead jewelry fighting to survive again. Davey & Goliath exposition, broadly modular dialogue, how you get a G rating with a Mount Weather reference, cricket/manatee collabs, and the grudging admission that the big eyes worked, in the latest episode of QIF.

Overall score: 5.25
QQQ score: 1.5
Days since a lost Kuffs accident: 405